Sunday, April 15, 2018

This Week's Schedule
◆Bible Study & Pryer Meeting, November 21st(Wed)
   Morning Session(10:30~12:00)、Evening Session(19:30~21:00)
   We are reading from the Gospel of John and pray together.
◆Friday Family Fellowship (FFF)
  *FFF will not be open this week. Next meeting is November 30th(Fri.)!
  Friday Family Fellowship is a cross-denominational and international fellowship gathering. We sing a song, enjoy games and have discussions about our faith, etc. Anyone interested in church, or internationational exchange, everyone is welcomed to join us!

Next Week's Schedule
◆Sunday Worship Service, November 25th (Sun)
  Message "Thinking of brothers and sisters in faraway lands"      Romans 15:22~29
                                                                                            Pastor Tomohiro Sakai
Joint Service: 10:50~12:15
*Church School 10:00~10:40 (Elementary-Middle School Class, Youth Class, International Class, and Adults Class)
*Next Sunday will be each group's meeting