Sunday, April 14, 2013

Center on Worship ~ Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart

April 7,2013 Sermon Summary

Hebrew 10:19-22

When I say “worship”, I think all of you will think of the “Sabbath Worship” which is held as we gather in this church. That, in a sense, is correct. There are two kinds of worships. The one we practice in our personal space (home, workplace, etc.) is called “Personal Worship” and the one held on a fixed day when people gather in a church is called “Public Worship”.◆Both are equally important for one’s religious life, but above all else, trying to always attend the “Public Worship” is a big training for every believer.◆The time and content of personal worship can be adjusted according to one’s schedule and convenience. “I woke up late today so I’m skipping the morning prayer. Tonight, I’ll do the night prayer as well as the morning prayer.” is a bit extreme for an example, but such thing is possible with personal worship.◆But we can’t do that with public worship. We can’t just adjust the public worship at our convenience, for example “Please start the worship today at 11:15.”, because public worship is not held in your own place but in a public place. You must adjust yourself with others, no, with the church, nope— with God. ◆"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33). We should, in every circumstance, try our hardest to live as people who choose God as our first priority. ◆The life of people who choose the First Priority to be their first priority will certainly enjoy abundant blessings from God. This is for real. This is the truth. ◆We must not give up meeting together, because we have to say goodbye to our “self-centeredness”. Consecrate Sundays by coming to church, protecting our time with God, attending the worship service with a sincere heart is the most basic of basics when we live a life that is God-centered.