Sunday, June 23, 2013

Welcome Home

June 16, 2013 Sermon Summary

Luke 15:11-32

The prodigal son goes to a “distant land” (15:13). This “distance” is not just referring to physical distance but the “distance” of relationship. He had cut off his relationship with his father. There was someone who said, “To cut off a relationship is to kill that person within you.” I see. People who have denied God’s existence are like the prodigal son. However, humans become truly humans in God’s presence. As it says “God made man in his own image” (Genesis 1:27), humans cannot cut themselves off from God.In verse 17 it is written, “He came to his senses.” To “come to one’s senses” is to return to your true self. And our true self is when you is when you turn to face God the Father. This is repentance. The reason Jesus came is to lead us humans back to God the Father. He is the way back.The reason we can return to God our Father and be held as “His child” is because of the sacrifice of Jesus’ life. The reason why we are greatly touched when we read this parable is because the one speaking is none other than Jesus himself.The gospel of the Bible is, “Everyone, welcome home in Jesus’ name!” Through Jesus, we can enter the kingdom. Through Jesus, we can become God’s children. That is the true blessing for us and allows us to be truly human.